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Tracing Heritage In Konya


The first book of our series "Tracing Heritage" focusing on the diverse cultural heritage values and elements of different regions in Turkey, "Tracing Heritage in Konya," is currently being used as a textbook in Social Studies classes with reinforcing workshops in many schools. The fourth edition of this book, which won the 2015 Research Award from VEKAM (Vehbi Koç Ankara Research and Application Center), has been released. The book is grounded in academic principles as a project outcome of İdil Bilgin's postgraduate thesis in the field of Museum Studies.



"Tracing Heritage in Konya" is a book designed for ages 9 to 99 and includes conservation-themed activities centered around selected cultural heritage elements. The aim of the book is to provide a glimpse into the history of Konya while instilling the value and sensitivity of cultural heritage through "conservation"-themed games that resonate with children's emotions. Through these games, children become acquainted with the term "conservation" and explore the benefits, methods, and factors leading to the deterioration of artifacts.


Interdisciplinary and Object-Centric Gamification Techniques - Emphasizing learning through enjoyment, application, and emotional engagement, this book brings readers together to connect the dots, decipher encrypted letters, embark on exploration with a "magical" flashlight, play fun word games, and engage in digital games. In fact, children playing mobile games using the code in the book are, at the same time, tracing the trail of a 5-letter code.  

(Note: For detailed information about the complementary workshop "Culture Detectives At Work," please visit the link.

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