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  • How can the book in Tracing Heritage in Konya be used within the scope of Social Studies course?
    When “Tracing Heritage in Konya” is selected as the source book, we recommend that the content be balanced as "classroom study" and "homework". As the children complete the activities in the book by reading the text part of the book, they will be deciphering a 5-letter code. Therefore, for example, after completing the text and activities related to the first password in the classroom, the student may be asked to complete the second password part at home.
  • What activities are included in the book?
    In this book, children connect dots, solve coded letters, explore with a "magic" lantern, assemble puzzles in magnetic fields, dig specific surfaces to find hidden answers, and even play a mobile game using a code from the book.
  • Why Konya?
    Even though the title of the book seems like a book focusing only on the Konya region, regions are a tool in the methodology used by the author. As we mentioned above, the aim of the book is to give a short section of the history of the city, while actually internalizing the value and sensitivity of the cultural heritage in children's emotional worlds with "conservation"-themed games.
  • Why “conservation” themed activities?
    Conservation science, which is popularly known as "restoration" and can be defined as "the doctor of cultural heritage", offers a very rich gamification opportunity with its interdisciplinary structure. Bringing together history, art history, visual arts and chemistry, this branch of science contains a colorful world for children. In addition, once children witness the difficult, sensitive and sacred work of experts working in this field and internalize how sensitive the works are, the sense of protecting cultural heritage inevitably begins to awaken in their hearts.
  • Do you share something that will support students' readiness before reading the book?
    Before the book is read, we come together with our teachers and conduct a short teacher training on the application of the book. During this training, we get detailed information about the readiness of the students. Accordingly, we share short videos, visuals, digital games and experiment suggestions for materials science that prepare children for the subject either just before the reading of the book or if the workshop option is preferred (see Question 6) depending on the situation.
  • Do you practice a reinforcing activity after children read the book?
    Following the completion of the book, we recommend the implementation of the "Cultural Heritage Detectives at Work" workshop. The interdisciplinary practices we do in the workshop deepen the book's achievements and make learning permanent. For detailed information about the workshop, click
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