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A New Horizon in Emotion Focused Education: Tactile Online Learning


While teaching the methodology of “Emotion Focused Education on Cultural Heritage Preservation”, I integrate the story of my own professional voyage, with the theoretical aspect of the subject and with case studies of schools and museums. In the first part of the practical workshop, teachers find themselves in students’ desks and experience the in-class activities we use when practicing this methodology in the classroom. In the second part, the participants are asked to prepare content (a museum education kit) as teachers using this methodology. I also explain the application of emotion focused education to the current online learning environment, while giving the participants a chance to apply some of my techniques there.

Age group



Choices can vary from 90-160 minutes

Application Alternatives

To view alternatives or have your own tailor-made application created, please contact us at 

Important Note

"Making a Difference Despite the Screen and Through the Screen: Online Children's Workshops and Museum Kits" is the version of the teacher training, where emphasis is placed upon solutions for the online learning environment.

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