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From Mother Earth to the Palette: A Tempera Paint Workshop


This workshop comprises various activities surrounding the mystery of a Çatalhöyük mural, known as the oldest city plan in the world. To begin with, through a colorful tale, we "get on" a time-machine and travel back almost 100,000 years in time to find out about the history and traditional methods of natural paint production. Then just like ancient people, we make our own paint! We produce 5 different colors through the tempera paint production technique. Finally, while hearing the mesmerizing story of the mural and finding out fascinating facts about paint conservation, we draw our own Çatalhöyük motifs and color them with our freshly-produced natural paints.

Age group

(7-9) or (9-11)


90-120 minutes

Application Alternatives

To have your own tailor-made workshop (using a different object of your choice) created, please contact us at 

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