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Museum Activity Kits

The integration of schools and museums, which is emphasized in the MEB 2023 Vision, is one of the most valuable experiential areas where learning extends beyond the classroom and enriches the school experience. To fully realize the benefits of such a unique experience,  the field trip must be supported by educational materials and managed in three stages: "before, during , and after the visit." Only then can children gain the necessary knowledge and awareness before the trip, truly immerse themselves with all their senses during the trip, and permanently reinforce what they have learned and their changed perceptions after the trip. Our founder, Idil Bilgin, has developed Museum Activity Kits with these goals in mind. These kits consist of interdisciplinary gamification activities experienced on selected objects from the relevant exhibition. Through three-stage activities aimed at achieving lasting learning through enjoyment, the kits aim to awaken children's curiosity, love, desire for exploration, and sense of preservation towards cultural heritage. Our museum kits comprise a main activity booklet and a supplementary game booklet that complements it. Click on the images to read excerpts from our museum kits.

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