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From Cabinets of Curiosity to New Museology


Did you know that the first museum in the world was founded by a princess of  Babylon 2,500 years ago? Did you know that the roots of museology date back to the highly mysterious spaces called “cabinets of curiosity” founded in the 1500’s? In the first half of this workshop we are going to play entertaining digital games to learn about the history of museology by tracing it back to its mysterious roots. In the second half, we are going to use applications and experiments to discover the field of conservation and how it caused a historic change in perception by opening  its doors to the public. In the online workshops we plan to employ digital games such as Pac-man and  balloon-popping. In physical workshops we will be experiencing conservation applications in addition to the above. Depending on the age group, we will act as conservators using 3-D puzzles or applying the real algorithms of the conservation process.

Age group



Choices can vary between 35-120 minutes​

Application Alternatives

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