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Cultural Heritage Detectives at Work: A Play-Based Conservation Workshop


Why is our cultural heritage valuable? Can artefacts also “get ill” like we do? If so, do they also have “doctors”? How can we protect/conserve our cultural heritage?  In the Cultural Heritage Detectives at Work Workshop we answer the questions above by introducing to the children the intrinsically multi-coloured profession of conservation. Comprising history, technology, art history, visual arts, hand-skills and chemistry, the profession lends itself by nature to the use of gamification. Word games, observations, experiments, creative drama and live questionnaires are some of the activities done here. We have the opportunities to trace details not seen to the naked eye by using the “magic” light of conservators or to make experiments using special chemistry papers. We also use Web 2 instruments to play very entertaining digital games such as Pacman, hangman and balloon-popping. 

Age group

7-13 (The applications are modified according to age)


Choices can vary between 35-180 minutes

Application Alternatives

To view alternatives or have your own tailor-made application created, please contact me at 

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