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Tamirevi Activity Kit

It is the shared desire of all teachers to prevent school museum trips from being considered only as “school trips”. In other words, we wish neither the students saying, “It was fun to be out of school grounds,” nor the teachers thinking they have gotten another museum trip out of the way. The objective of school- museum integration, as emphasized in the 2023 vision of the Ministry of Education in Turkey, is to serve as one of the most valuable fields of experience where school supported learning takes place away from school grounds. To achieve this goal fully, the school trip needs to be supplemented by a three-step teaching material covering the times before, during and after the trip. It is only then that the child acquires the necessary tools and awareness before the trip, there with all his five senses during the trip and consolidates his/her changed perception after the trip. Our belief in this notion is what has led us to use the methodology of “emotion-based” approach during the preparation of the museum kits. The kits comprise activities of inter-disciplinary gamification applied to selected objects from the related museum. The main objectives of the three-step activities are to achieve internalized learning in children while entertaining them and to awaken their interest, liking and curiosity on the subject of cultural heritage.


Due to the present conditions when learning and museum tours need to be done online, supplementary educational materials have become crucial. The question is whether it is possible to enrich the virtual museum tours by producing interactive museum kits that will turn “the screen” into an advantage. To view our published museum kit, which comprises an activity booklet and a supplementary game kit,  please click the first button below. To watch a video about the kit, click the second button.

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