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A Day at Çatalhöyük


This book is an interactive fairy tale where the world's first archaeologist, Babylonian King Nabonidus, enters a time tunnel in his dream and travels back to the Neolithic Age to explore life in Çatalhöyük. Starting from the Çatalhöyük wall painting, which is the first artwork featured in the "Tracing Heritage in Konya" book, this adventure, written by Idil Bilgin, follows Nabonidus as he seeks answers to the intriguing questions of Azman Bear. This book, with its initial print run of 2000 copies hitting the shelves in July 2023, aims to encourage children to learn with curiosity and imagination, enjoyably acquire knowledge through games, grasp the importance of cultural heritage, and connect with the past, culture, and art. In addition, we have introduced the "A Day at Çatalhöyük: Tale-based Diorama Workshop” as a complementary companion to the book to help children visualize everyday life in the Neolithic Age, express their imaginations through visual art, and interact with it.

Regarding the age range of the book being 7-99, here's a great interpretation from the ÇEKÜL Foundation:
"A Day at Çatalhöyük: Time Travel with the World's First Archaeologist" is a rather "dynamic" book. In addition to telling its story, it asks questions to the reader, provides surprises and hidden information, and assigns tasks. As a result, child readers who suddenly find themselves in the Neolithic Age learn while maintaining their interest and exploring. Adult readers, on the other hand, rediscover the joy of playing games while contemplating the foundations of civilization. (Source: ÇEKÜL Foundation)

(Note: For detailed information about the complementary workshop "A Day at Çatalhöyük" please visit the link.

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