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A Day at Çatalhöyük: A Diorama Workshop


What was daily life like during the neolithic period? We learn the answer to this through an interactive tale written by İdil Bilgin. As we discover a mural which is known as the first city plan in the world with our “magic” torches, we internalize this era without even noticing it. Later, we create the Çatalhöyük Diorama in order to describe and “stage” the daily life there. We leave the workshop with information about conservation as a profession- a profession which will determine the future of cultural heritage and to which we may refer to as its “sacred and secret backyard”.

Age group

7-11: (The applications are modified according to age)


Choices can vary between 35-180 minutes

Application Alternatives

To view alternatives or have your own tailor-made application created, please contact me at 

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